Straw Hat


In the days that my mother was a stay at home mum with three young children, she enjoyed to cook. As a result, from an early age, we were used to eating international cuisine. Added to that of homemade jam and bread were a given and it was not until I was a teenager that she gave in and bought bread, because she had taken on a full time job.

The Straw Hat, as the bakery was known, was pretty good and the staff familiar faces. On the odd occasion special cakes were bought there too. Enormous meringues, smooth and crisp on the outside, filled with oodles of fluffy whipped cream and topped off with a bright red glace cherry and a sprinkling of chopped (greener than they nature had intended) pistachios. Another favourite of mine were the sugar coated doughnuts. These were filled with bright red, strawberry jam that would ooze out if you bit into the doughnut hard enough. Sometimes we would play a game, to see who could eat their doughnut without licking the sugar off their lips. A challenge that was accepted, and won a couple of times, but after that I decided not to play, because it diminished the enjoyment of eating a doughnut and an ending up with a sugary mouth.



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