Alison Day
Alison Day – Alison Day Designs

Alison Day is the owner and founder of Alison Day Designs; she is an artist, illustrator, designer, writer and voiceover.

Originally from Oxford, England, she has been resident in the Netherlands for many years.

As an artist, she always has several projects on the go at any one time and a lengthy ‘to do,’ list. She regularly embarks  on creative e-courses, to develop her illustrative style further and connect with other creatives. See her Instagram here

To date she has self-published three books, written a travel memoir (for an anthology on relocation and travel), as well as magazine articles on a variety of subjects from garlic, to the unique home decor of a select few Dutch houses.

Previously, she was editor and designer of Connections, an expatriate magazine, opting for freelance in 2013.  During this period, she also enjoyed interviewing and highlighting the work of fellow artists and their creative process.

Inspired by: travel, people watching, her garden, cat antics, a love of storytelling and re-cycling, Alison works both traditionally by hand and digitally.

A voiceover for over a decade, Alison’s voice can be heard on museum tours throughout Europe, in audio educational books, corporate films, small documentaries and the odd advert.